Reflection: Technology Literacy Narrative

Writing this technology narrative was a stimulating experience because it helped me realize how much my perspective on technology has evolved over the years. I think that this was the first time that I ever sat down and addressed how great of an impact technology has had on my life, and how much it has progressed as I’ve grown. It took me awhile to formulate my thoughts because my experiences with different types of technology exist independently in my mind, so stringing them together in chronological order during my first draft was the probably the most difficult part. I considered dividing the narrative in other ways, like by experiences with individual pieces of media, but chronological order made the most sense.

I felt pretty satisfied with the finished product, but natural I noticed details that could have been improved. The captions for the photos I selected felt a little forced. I think that it would help if they appeared a little more natural, and that could be changed with either choosing better photos or incorporating better captions. My education in writing has taught me to write formally, so I think that relaxing a bit and writing a little more casually will take some adjustment. My writing came off as slightly awkward for writing online, but that’s something that can be fixed with a little experience.


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Technology Literacy Narrative

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