Reflection: Casey Neistat

This week on Media Nouveau, Jake and I decided to focus on vlogging and its growing impact on New Media, specifically through renown vlogger and fun-enthusiast Casey Neistat. Going into the episode, we challenged our listeners by asking them “How did Casey Neistat become so successful?” and delved into potential explanations for his prosperity on YouTube.

In short, we found it is difficult to become a successful vlogger because everyone and their mom is doing it. Creating and uploading content has become so easy that anyone can become a vlogger. What separates Casey Neistat is both the dynamic formula that Casey Neistat has constantly been developing and his prior experience with cinematography. He makes his vlogs look effortless and amatuer, making the amount of deliberation put into his videos easy to overlook.

I found our podcast itself to be very well structured, but felt a little mechanical after listening to it the first time. I found the process to be relatively easy, but one thing we could work on is making the flow of the conversation appear more natural.


Cisco’s breakdown of rise of video on the internet.

Nerdwriter’s breakdown of Casey Neistat’s channel

Casey Neistat: YouTube Channel

Casey Neistat: Do What You Can’t

Casey Neistat: $18,000 a night HOTEL ROOM



Picture Credit:

Satoru Kobayashi 


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