Lil Boat

Coming from Memphis Tennessee, I’ve always been fascinated by the vastness ocean but have had limited opportunities to explore it. This sailboat badge expresses my desire to explore not only the oceans but also the world as a whole.  I chose black because it seemed to convey the mysteriousness that inspires this exploration. Blue was added just because I liked it the most out of the other colors and wanted to added an accent to make the badge appealing to look at.

I had trouble choosing between this design and an alternate that I had. My roommate told me that the first design looked too much like a fish, so I created another one using stripes to see if it would look more appealing. Ultimately I decided to go with the original because I thought the fish added an element of ambiguity that also added to the aesthetic of the design. I also had trouble running photoshop, so Lil’ Boat was made using Microsoft Paint.

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