Hungry Philosopher

“Hungry Philosopher” came to me during breakfast at the ducling one weekend, but I had only thought of the pictures at the time. When I sat down and actually started thinking of potential captions, I realized that that was much harder than actually creating the images. The idea for the captions came from me realizing that I was unintentionally using excessively elevated language to come up with a story. The “meta” aspect just stuck.

In photoshop, I learned how to merge layers, expand the canvas, and combine photos in multiple ways. I also took advantage of the filters that had and added an aged-film filter for style. I am pretty content with the final product, but the only issue I had was I realized after I had almost finished that the Triptych image I had created was not quite the same style as A Softer World’s style, which was what I was trying to emulate. The difference lied in ┬áthat I changed the photos to tell the story, whereas A Softer World’s style incorporated the parts of the same image. Otherwise, I think I efficiently conveyed the narrative that I wanted to through both the word choice and the image design.

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