Dual-Mean Transit

Two of the most common means of transportation converge


This combophoto served as an basic exercise in photoshop. My knowledge of photoshop is limited, so creating this combophoto helped me gain basic experience with layers and transforming and resizing images. The photoshop aspect of this project was the more intimidating part of this exercise at first, but once I finished the project I realized that the difficult part was actually finding two images that meshed well together. I got the inspiration for this piece after a lot of brainstorming and looking around. Eventually, I looked at the shoes I was wearing, which were identical to the one in this photo, and the first thing that came to mind was this truck/boat image by Stephen McMennamey.

This final image combines two of the most common means of modern transportation, walking and driving. Obviously this would be a poor design for a vehicle, so I combined the two to become the least effective form of transportation from the two most revered. “Dual-Mean Transit” is a pun on Dual-Mode Transit, since we’re combining two actual vehicles rather than two methods.


Before making this sketch, I had tried combining a stallion with a knight (the chess piece), combining a marker with a skyscraper, and doing weird stuff with trees. Before the date this was due, I actually had created a different combophoto, but in class I found that it was not actually a combophoto because I had combined the backgrounds, not the subjects.

My domain was having issues when I initially tried to upload this, but aside from that the biggest problem I had was, again, coming up with the pictures for the combophoto. I ended up going for a funny narrative, but missed the visual point of the combophoto entirely, which is why I redid the sketch entirely. Ultimately it was worth it because I learned more while making Dual-Mean Transit than I did with this initial sketch.

Picture Credits:

I made Dual-Mean Transit using a picture of my shoes’ design from Dick’s Sporting Goods catalogue and this Mercedes-Benz from Blacklane.com

The second image was made using this meme picture and a picture of the sky from pexels.com.

The inspiration for the final piece came from Stephen McMennamy’s gallery of combophotos.

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